Agents of the Realm by Mildred Louis

Agents of the Realm is a webcomic by Mildred Louis. As stated by the author, the story follows five young women as they, “discover they’ve each been chosen to protect our world and its newly discovered sister dimension. ” So far, I’ve read up to chapter three and I’m highly impressed.

The story takes influence from the Magical Girl theme which I am not completely familiar with beyond the anime Sailor Moon. But I will say, I am in love with the Sailor Moon vibes I get from the page about. The art style in this webcomic is wonderful and well composed. The creator, Louis, has a really good way in establishing movement and action while maintaining detail.

The characters in the comic are very relatable, especially the main character Norah. The main setting of the story is the fictional university, Silvermount. I’m assuming the target audience is college-aged people, and Louis really captures that.  This could also tie into how well Louis is able to capture the expressions of each character and establishing a feeling in every scene.


I’m hesitant to do a full critique of the comic, because I’m just diving into it. However, I will say that the exposition seems to be going on for a long time. I’m in chapter three of the current seven, and I haven’t met all the main characters yet nor do I know exactly what is going on. While I am eager to get more into the story, it is definitely taking time. However, I am looking forward to seeing where the webcomic goes and how the plot continues to develop.

Agents of the Realm is an ongoing webcomic and the author, Mildred Louis releases content every Tuesday and Thursday!


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