I’m Mia Barrow and a student studying UX design and research with an interest in critical media studies. This blog was created for a college course on digital writing with an overarching theme relating to webcomics. In any media form, it’s important to keep creators accountable and to encourage universal representation, because one can never know exactly who is in the audience. The ultimate goal of the blog is to highlight the lives of minority and queer characters as seen through the lens of webcomics. Therefore, I’d like to preface by saying that I am a bisexual black woman and I don’t speak on behalf of anyone else, especially those who are a part of communities I don’t identify with. If you’re unfamiliar with topics relating to minority and/or LGBT+ communities, I highly suggest you begin to educate yourself on the matter. There’s a plethora of resources online and offline that could be of great service to you. All that being said, if I offend anyone with the content on my blog: first, I apologize, and second, please tell me what I can do to be better by contacting me.